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Innovative spirit

Designed to produce small (10,000 liters) and large (35,000 liters) vinifications, Mureda has more than 120 stainless steel truncated cone-shaped tanks, as well as tanks with the Pisat system.

Latest generation

The state-of-the-art machinery is designed to carry out less aggressive winemaking processes. Mureda has a fleet of French oak barrels in different subway levels which provide a stable temperature throughout the year.

The development

In this area there are stainless steel tanks with a wide variety of capacities with hot and cold applications. It is worth mentioning the pisat system for the production of red wines, obtaining very aromatic and structured wines by this method. Mureda has 32 stainless steel tanks for red wines, of 35,000 liters, with temperature control. The winery has 4 lagares, stainless steel submerged cap fermenters and temperature control. On the outside of the winery, we have 18 storage tanks, all of them stainless steel, with temperature control systems. Finally, we will also mention a series of fermentation tanks for white and rosé wines, with a capacity of 5,000 to 50,000 liters.


In this area, we find the bottling line, fully automated, prepared to bottle still, sparkling and carbonated wines. It should be noted that according to international demand, we have the capacity to produce with various types of closures.


We have three different levels, taking advantage of the thermal stability and constant humidity. It is provided with a park of French oak barrels. This area also serves as a dormant space for bottles.

The cellars

This area corresponds to the lower cellar. The sparkling wines sleep in cellars 16 meters underground, awaiting disgorgement. Here the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, always with controlled temperature and humidity.


This area is used for the storage of auxiliary products as well as finished product. It has an automated control system for incoming and outgoing products and auxiliary materials.