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Our olive oil mill


Mureda has built its mill with the latest technology, preserving environmental and sustainability standards, for the processing of its 3,000 hectares of organic olive groves. Its milling capacity is 250,000 kg. per day, and each of its hoppers is around 200,000 kg. Single mill (horizontal centrifuge) with three phases for the utilization of all products and subproducts:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vegetable water to be used as fertilizer
  • Olive marc for use as feed
  • Leaves for livestock feed
  • Olive pits used as biomass.

These three phases confer to Mureda’s olive mill the condition of biodynamic olive mill.
As a result of the combination of respect for organic farming and the highest technology, Mureda has obtained an extra virgin olive oil that has won awards in the most important olive oil competitions in the world.