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Environmental project

Since its founding charter, Mureda has been characterized by scrupulous attention to all aspects of the environment. It has invested in the latest technology for its application to sustainable organic production.

Photovoltaic panels

Among other things, Mureda has installed photovoltaic panels in order to be self-sufficient in solar energy; there is also a tank with a channeling system for rainwater collection, as well as a biomass boiler with a particle separator to reduce carbon dioxide (C02) emissions into the atmosphere.

Sustainable organic agriculture

From the beginning, Mureda has maintained a firm commitment to the environment; its crops are surrounded by mountains, rivers and holm oak and juniper groves with deep roots.

Mureda’s property, before its constitution as a winery and agri-food industry, was located in a natural area where man, flora and fauna of the Montiel and Calatrava fields cohabited.

Mureda has always shown great concern for environmental deterioration, and has been committed to its protection throughout its vast domain. That is why, 500 years later, Mureda maintains its vineyards within the same environment, promoting woody crops, forestation and olive trees, in such a way that the whole property forms a unique environmental whole.

The estate, which extends over more than 11,000 hectares, includes fields, rivers, valleys and mountains, as well as a very varied native flora, of which the property is proud of its conservation. On the other hand, the diverse Iberian fauna gives the place an incalculable value for lovers of different species, some of which are on the verge of extinction.

As for the historical buildings, some of them more than 500 years old (La Casa de la Mureda) and perfectly integrated in the environment, Mureda has proposed to preserve and rehabilitate them as they were conceived and created in their day, using the original construction materials: mud, stones, straw, wood (sabina).

The founding manifesto of Mureda expressly states the firm intention of the Founding Members not to modify the agrarian structure, and to strengthen their environmental commitment with 1,200 hectares of vineyards, 2,000 hectares of olive trees and 2,500 hectares of cereals, all integrated into the environment with sustainable ecological agriculture, where there is no room for chemical elements, intensive exploitation and any type of practice that may affect the deterioration of the environment.

The ecosystem bequeathed by our ancestors 500 years ago, is safeguarded for future generations, including friends and clients, making them all participants in the enjoyment of the properties, as well as the harvests obtained.

Félix Sobrino and Juan Madrid

Founding Partners