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The elaboration


We can find tanks of stainless steel of a great variety of capacities with applications to control cold and hot temperatures.
It could be said that it is important to mention the “pisat system” for the elaboration of red wines since very aromatic and structured wines are obtained by this method.
Bodegas Mureda has 32 stainless steel tanks of 35.000 litres and control of temperature for red wines:

  • 16 tanks are self -emptying
  • 16 tanks are troncoconics with a reversed bottom and pisat system

The winery has 4 winepresses, machines of fermentation with submerged cap, of stainless steel and temperature control.
Outside the winery, we have 18 tanks of storage, all of them are stainless and with temperature control systems.

  • 8 tanks of 100.000 litres
  • 2 tanks of 300.000 litres
  • 8 tanks of 600.000 litres

Finally, we can also mention a series of tanks for the fermentation of white and rosé wines with a capacity of 5.000 to 50.000 litres.

The bottling


In this area we can also find the bottling lines, totally automatic and ready to bottle still, sparkling and fizzy wines.
It is noteworthy that according to the international demand, we have the capacity to produce our wines with two types of closure:

  • Traditional system: cork
  • Stelvin: Metallic screw cap

The aging


We have caves at three different levels, where we make the most of the temperature stability and constant humidity and where we keep huge amount of French oak barrels.
Also in this area, it is where our wines are aged in the bottles. Nowadays, we have the following barriques , all of them of French oak:

  • 150 barriques of 225 litres
  • 100 barriques of 300 litres
  • 6 barriques of 11.000 litres

The wine cellar


This area is a lower cellar.

Sparkling wines sleep in Wine Cellars at 16 meter below ground waiting for the elimination of the leeds accumulated in their corks during their second fermentation following the “Traditional method” or “Champanoise method”.

The wine always stays under controlled temperature and humidity.



This area is bound to the storage of the auxiliary materials and finished products.

It has a system of automatic control for the entrance and exit of products and auxiliary materials.