Suckling pig in the Segovia Style

February 18, 2015

From: Segovia
Preparation Time: 120 min.
1, 5 kgs of three weeks old complete suckling pig
3 cloves of garlic
100 cc of Mureda Sauvignon Blanc wine
50 grs of pork fat
200 cc of water
A branch of thyme
6 leaves of bay leaf
A teaspoon of salt


Dry the suckling pig with a dishcloth, rub it with garlic; season the interior with salt and pepper and spread the fat on the suckling pig. Put it into a mud casserole over some branches of bay leaf with the skin down the casserole and at the top the aromatic herbs. Add the wine and the water and put it into the oven at 200 ºC for 30 minutes. Later on, turn the pork upside down, put the skin up and prick it with a needle without touching the meat (just to avoid blisters). Meanwhile it is being roasted, cover it with pork fat over the surface of the pork until it is completed brown (it will be maybe un an hour and a half).

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