Mackerel with Onion

February 18, 2015

From: Ceuta
Preparation Time: 50 min.
4 units of mackerel
2 big onions
2 carrots
½ cup of Mureda Chardonnay wine
Grinded white pepper
4 tablespoon of olive oil


Clean the mackerels , wash them and dry them. Put them into a casserole at high heat and fry the chopped carrots and onion lightly in a very slow heat. Add the wine, the salt and the pepper and put the lid on.
Cook it slowly until they become soft (during 30 minutes). Put into an ovenproof dish, the fried chopped vegetables. Put over it the mackerels and cover them with what has been previously prepared. Introduce the dish in the oven that has been previously warm in a medium high temperature for 8-10 minutes.

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