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Mureda and the environment


From the beginnings, Mureda has maintained a steady compromise with the environment. The Estate is surrounded by mountains, rivers, holm oaks and savin forests of deep roots.

The private propriety of Bodegas Mureda, before its foundation as winery and agro-food industry, is located in a natural environment where cohabit the human being, the flora and the fauna specific of Campo de Montiel and Campo de Calatrava.

Bodegas Mureda has always shown great worry about environmental deterioration. That is the reason why the company is highly committed to the protection of its vast lands. 500 years later, Bodegas Mureda keeps its vineyards inside its environment while boosting woody cultives, forestation and olive trees, constituting a unique environmental group.
Mureda`s Estate, which extends along more than 10.000 has., includes lands, rivers, valleys and mountains. In addition, the propriety feels very proud of the conservation of a very diverse native flora. On the other hand, the diverse Iberian fauna gives the place an incalculable value for the lovers of the different species, some of them endangered species.

Regarding historical buildings, some of them are more than 500 years old (La Casa de la Mureda) and perfectly integrated in the environment. They have been preserved and restored as they were conceived at the very beginning, using original materials to its construction: mud, stones, straw and savin wood.

The foundational manifest of Bodegas Mureda consists of a steady purpose of the founding members: not to modify the agrarian structure and boost its environmental compromise with 1.200 hectares of vineyards, 2.000 hectares of olive trees and 2.500 hectares of cereals plantations. Everything is integrated in the environment with a sustainable ecological agriculture where there is no room for chemical elements, intensive exploitation or any kind of practice that may contribute to the deterioration of the environment.

The legacy of our ancestors in the ecosystem 500 years ago is safeguarded to the following generations in which friends and clients are included, making them participants of the use of the properties as well as the obtained harvest.


Félix Sobrino and Juan Madrid

Founding members of Mureda