Duck confit a l’Orange

February 18, 2015

From: Valencia
Preparation Time: 110 min.
4 duck legs
200g of duck fat
2 leaves of bay leaf
2 dl of Mureda Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay wine
4 tablespoon of brown sugar
4 oranges
30 grs of butter
30 grs of flour
2 tablespoon of orange blossom honey
Paté of olives
Rind of orange confit


Confit the legs of the duck for 3 days: put the legs to marinade for 24 h. with the wine, the brown sugar, the crushed garlic and the bay leaves. The following day, fry the legs in the fat of the duck in slow heat and when they become brown add the liquid of the marinade with all the ingredients. Cover the casserole and let them boil slowly until they become soft. Turn off the fire and keep it in a bowl for 2 days covered with the liquid of the cooking. To make the orange sauce: squeeze the oranges and boil them. Mix in raw with the butter and the flour and introduce the blobs in the juice while stirring until it becomes thick. Correct the flavour with the honey. Prepare the paté of olives grinding the olives. Gratiné the confit of duck in the oven previously warmed up into the maximum temperature.

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