Chicken in pepitoria

February 18, 2015

From: Sevilla
Preparation Time: 60 min.
1 chicken of 1’5 kgs approx. (cut up into pieces)
½ cup of olive oil
100 grs of chopped pork fat
100 grs of chopped cured ham
1 glass of Chardonnay wine
10 toasted almonds
2 slice of fried bread
2 cloves of toasted garlic
4 yolks (2 raw and 2 boiled)
1 tablespoon of flour
2 cloves


Wash up the pieces of chicken and add some salt and pepper. Fry lightly the ham and the pork fat together with the chicken in the casserole. Cover it with water and add the Chardonnay wine. Mix in the mortar the almonds, the cloves, and the fried bread and add them into the casserole. Make dough in a bowl with the two raw yolks and the 2 boiled yolks. Add the flour (add more if needed) until the dough is thickened. Put the pieces of chicken and let them boil for 40 minutes.

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